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+Will I be charged more for renewals than registration?
+Are discount offers for domain registration valid for renewals?

Our discount offers are only valid for the first year. You will have to pay the regular registration fee for renewals.

+Are domain registration discount offers included if i register for more than 1 year?
+How to renew domains in the future?

It's not a complex process. All you have to do is login to your domain panel, select the domain you want to renew and make the payment.

+What's the difference between domain registration and web hosting?

Domain registration is when you register a domain name. In general you're paying for a name on the world wide web. On the contrary, you need a place to host your domain name. This is essential for your website to work and thus is called web hosting.

+Can i change my domain name after registration?

Changing a domain name after registration is not possible. Once you've registered a domain, you have secured that name to yourself for the period of years you have registered for. If you really want a different domain name than the one you've already registered, then your only available option is to register a brand new domain name.