Privacy Protection

Don’t expose your personal information. Protect yourself today!

$14.99 /mo 9
incl. $5 Managed fee
  • Protect your personal data
  • Stop unwanted spam
  • Discourage others from snatching your domain

Privacy & Business Registration

Guard yourself with privacy protection without losing customers.

$15.99 /mo 7
incl. $5 Managed fee
  • Issue business card for partners and customers
  • Make impossible unauthorized domain transfers
  • All the benefits of privacy protection & more

Why use domain privacy?

Clean email

Keep your mailing address clean and avoid unwanted emails. Hence, be able to focus only on important emails and save your time.

Avoid SMS offers

Prevent getting disturbing texts about offers that mean nothing to you. Put a halt to repeated text notification sounds.

Evade annoying phone calls

Avoid telemarketers who’ll keep bothering you with proposals. They are trained to force lengthy conversations.

Prevent Identity Theft

Prevent crooks from stealing and misusing your identity. Avoid trouble by not letting others pretend to be you.

Discourage Hijackers

Demotivate others from performing unauthorized domain transfers. Without proper data, it will be difficult to target you.

Stay Invisible

Conceal your personal information from the public WHOIS Directory. It is mandatory for domain registrars to include your info there.

Privacy vs Privacy & Business Registration

In a few words, Privacy & Business Registration is privacy protection plus business registration.
+What's in the WHOIS Database?

The WHOIS Database is like Wikipedia with all the information of every registered domain online. This information consists of the names, location, email address, phone number and other details of the website and its owner. This data is then accessible to anyone with an Internet Connection.

+Why do domain registrars give away personal data of website owners?

It is a rule we and all other domain registrars are bound to. As soon as a domain is registered, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires us to publish all data related to the domain.

+How to keep my personal information safe and also have my customers find me at the same time?

You should definitely opt for privacy & business protection. In general, this is privacy protection plus business protection. An online business card will be published so that customers and business partners can easily find you. Thus, allowing you to keep your personal data hidden without losing customers.

+What is privacy protection?

Privacy Protection is also known as WhoisGuard. This is a cheap add-on that must be renewed separately. In general, this add-on will keep your registration data private.

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